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  • True hybrid design developed with mixer design legends Greg Mackie and Peter Watts

  • 24 x 8 x 2 or 16 x 8 x 2 models

  • Peter Watts-inspired HiVolt mic preamps, with the most headroom of any comparably-priced analog or digital mixer (16.5V internal voltage on mono and stereo channels)

  • Practical design structure and ingenious features make mixing unpredictable live performances easy even for novices — instantly touch the controls you need when you need them


  • L/R Monitor, ¼” and XLR main outs, eight ¼” Group Outs, four XLR Aux Outs, two ¼” Musician’s Phones outputs linked to Aux 3 & 4, front panel Headphone output, stereo USB output

  • Eight mono/four stereo individual output buses (true 8-bus design) instead of the usual two makes SoundLink perfect for recording, too (iZotope™  Elements software included)

  • Unique Musician’s Phones Monitor Section gives two musicians individual control of how much of “me” vs. the total mix they hear

  • Only mixer in its class with Mute Groups to quickly create and recall various input combinations of on-stage musicians, different parts of a church service, or cues during a theater production 


  • Each channel has Gain (up to 60dB), High Pass Filter, two Pre and two Post Aux sends, FX Inject control, truly accurate Pan control and Mute button (coupled to Mute Groups)


  • Mono channels have Peter Watts-derived HI (12k), MID (sweepable from 250 hz to 5k) and LO (100 Hz) EQ; Stereo channels feature HI, HI MID (2.5k), LO MID (250 hz) and LO EQ

  • Digital section includes Peter Watts-inspired Compressor, Limiter and Noise Gate, each with editable, recallable parameters

  • Ingenious 9/31-band ParaGraphic EQ lets you home in on nine bands out of a possible 31; Wide Mode has fixed frequency; Narrow modes has a narrow bandwidth


  • Twenty of KORG’s renowned 32-bit digital effects (instead of a generic FX chip) — 10 at once, recallable with full complement of reverbs, delays and chorus, TAP tempo button, test tones, and foot pedal switch

  • Talkback assignable to L/R or to Aux 1-4

  • Peter Watts’-derived rack-mount-processor-grade, one-knob Compressor on all mic channels


  • Best Automatic Feedback Control of any compact mixer avoids the choppy digital artifacts of other anti-feedback schemes — hear ours to believe it!

  • USB stereo output/input for recording and adding backing tracks

  • Footswitch for activating KORG digital effects

  • Super-useful touches such as all-XLR speaker outputs and enhanced Break Switch with 1/8" front panel input

  • Road-rugged construction with premium components

  • Velvet Sound™ A/D & D/A converters with 0.004% THD, silky-smooth, long-life ALPS® faders and rotary controls

  • MW-2408 fits in a 19” rack

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