Mixers that truly deserve to be called HYBRID

The convenience of analog. The power of digital.

Combined – the highest possible sound quality.

Rock band, church 
service, club or business presentation…

…the unexpected happens. That's why you need instant, hands-on analog control over important functions (can you say "feedback"?).

Combine the convenience of analog with powerful, recallable digital equalization, feedback control, dynamics and best-in-class digital effects and you have SoundLink.


Designed in conjunction with legendary mixer designers Greg Mackie and Peter Watts.

No other team has designed so many famously successful mixers.

Greg's eponymous company defined the modern compact mixer.

Before joining Greg, Peter Watts was instrumental in designing famous Trident consoles, used to record many famous artists for decades.Together, they are the dream team no other mixer manufacturer has.

How to you get inspiration for better mixers? Mix almost every weekend night like Greg Mackie does. 

Highly sought-after, Peter Watts continues to design lots of high-end studio gear we can't tell you about.

What makes KORG SoundLink mixers better than their competition?

At first glance, KORG SoundLink mixers don't look that different from their comparably-priced competition.

But use a SoundLink for just one gig and you'll instantly appreciate the Greg and Peter touches that make mixing easier and more effective.  Links below…


Mute Groups for quickly assigning channels.

Just like Big-Boy consoles! No other mixer in SoundLink’s price range has incredibly useful Mute Groups. They save you so much time!


Mute Groups let you choose what combination of channels you want live without having to fiddle with multiple channels. Press one of 4 Mute Group buttons, and touch the channels' Mutes you want as part of the Mute Group. Done!


This lets you have a different Mute Group for different songs, or an acoustic number, Or a song without back-up vocals, or separate Mute Groups for Sermon, Choir, Soloist, Testimony, etc.


All other mixers in this price range force you to
re-adjust or individually mute each channel.

Switch from the whole band to just three inputs at the touch of ONE button!

"MORE ME!" Meeting musicians' monitoring needs.

Some band members – often vocalists and drummers – want a mix that more clearly emphasizes themselves ("More me").  Until now, that usually meant changing everyone else's monitor mix especially when you only have 2 Aux Buses.

SoundLink's Musicians Monitor gives you dedicated knobs to control how much of the main mix is combined with a musician.

They determine how much of the main mix is injected into Aux 3 or 4. Turn these knobs down and the musician gets "more me".


Only SoundLink mixers have this Greg Mackie feature.


HiVolt mic preamps outperform their competition.

Nobody wants distortion or "break-up" when a singer screams into a microphone or the drummer goes wild on his toms.


While all of our competitors claim "high headroom", SoundLink HiVolt mic preamps actually delivers more measurable headroom: ±16.5 volts versus others' mere ±15 volts.

The key to headroom is extremely high internal operating voltage.  SoundLink preamps have the highest operating voltage of any comparably priced mixer.

Moreover, unlike other mixers that skimp even more on stereo channel operating voltage, HiVolt delivers 16.5 volts to both mono and stereo inputs. 



10 Global Scenes, up to 10 Dynamics settings, 6 Graphic EQ settings, 30 Digital Effects, Feedback Suppressor routing, all important MUTE groups and even screen brightness!


Adjust critical parameters of 2 types of Compressors (lessens the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of an audio signal), 2 types of Noise Gates ( abruptly reduces signals that register below a set threshold), and Limiter (abruptly prevents any additional gain above the threshold you set..


The most useful and powerful digital section ever…

…in a comparably-priced mixer. Don't be fooled by what other manufacturers call "hybrid". They're referring to a single digital feature, not a major, multi-function part of their mixers .When we claim hybrid, we deliver…and that's where Greg Mackie and Peter Watts' expertise really counts.

Use it as a basic fixed-9-band graphic equalizer or get serious and select any 9 of THIRTY ONE bands with Wide/Narrow options. Perfect for controlling feedback.





Rather than an inexpensive "off-the-shelf" digital effects processor, SoundLink features the same kind of high-quality 32-bit effects found in other KORG products. The test tones are used with the Spectrum Analyzer to detect possible room acoustic problems. Check out the FEATURES page for a complete listing.

Particularly on vocals, you want to make an effect "your own".  If our competitors have adjustable parameter at all (most don't), they bury them beneath several levels of frustrating menus.

Greg insisted that effect controls be just one layer down for quick access.

Room feedback can be remedied with Soundlink's unique ParaGraphic Equalizer  and the Spectrum Analyzer.  Sudden feedback can be instantly suppressed with a Feedback Suppressor that doesn't have annoying digital artifacts.


NO OTHER comparably-priced mixer has this key feature!

A Subgroup is a mix bus destination where you can route channel outputs. Drums, vocals  (or other instruments that take up multiple channels).  Group/assign all drum channels to one of your subgroups so you can adjust the overall level of all drum channels at once without having to individually move each channel fader.

You can also use them to feed an 8-channel A/D interface for recording,  create a subwoofer feed or route L/R main mix to a Crying Room or foyer.


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